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The SoftWheels software

The SoftWheels software is an ecosystem allowing you to make several things. SoftWheels offers solutions for tyre specialists, car dealers and tyrehotels.


SoftWheels offers several different services. The main service is an ERP that allows you to easily manage your office. This software allows you to buy tyres, invoice your customers, manage your appointments and much more.

web applications

Web Application

SoftWheels is also allowed on the web for some features. The main one is the online scheduler and the guarding.

Tablet Application

SotWheels also offers applications for table. The main application lets you use a barcode scanner to locate tyres in your depot or to receive goods.

Tyre Specialists

SoftWheels offers to tyre specialists several tools. Its main one is the SoftWheels software which helps you to make all you want.

Car Dealers

SoftWheels offers to car dealers several web applications.


SoftWheels offers to tyrehotel a complete web interface.

What’s new ?

A new average price

As we have seen time and time again, tyre prices are rising all the time. This increase has pushed the average price up to €110.

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Changing Tyres

Changing tyres is vital to staying safe on the road. After all, tyres are responsible for 50% of a vehicle’s road holding. We therefore strongly

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What about us ?

SoftWheels offers the most complete software on the market today for managing one or more tyre centers. Our software combines professional design thorough customized programming. Should you have forgotten something after the training (how do I do this again ? And etc), no worries then SoftWheels gives you access to all instruction videos, our hotline and more much …

Why choose SoftWheels ?

SoftWheels has over 20 years of experience in the sector. With this experience we can help you to determine what you really needed in our software.

Transparency and Independance

SoftWheels is an independant company that does not sell tyres. We does not profit from orders placed by our customers. All displayed prices are which you directly negociated with the suppliers.

Quick Search

SoftWheels ensures that its services include fast search engines. This type of search allows you to compare prices from all your suppliers in the blink of an eye. This way you save time and money.

New Technologies

SoftWheels makes sure it stays up to date with new technologies. This means we can offer the best solutions, such as more powerful scanners.

Our Team

SoftWheels is a family business with 8 members. The company is headed by Didier Noerens. Supporting him are his two children, Audrey and Maxime Noerens. Bart Degeest is in charge of human resources. Finally, on the development side, we have Marc Smolders as project manager, accompanied by new recruits Ludo Vandendorpe, who is mainly responsible for web development, and Justin Cassart, who is responsible for optimisation and other problems. And of course, let’s not forget the mascot, Tora, Marc’s little cat.

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