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The SoftWheels platform

SOFTWHEELS provides its professional customers with a powerful and innovative platform.
In addition to placing your orders 24/7 at the best prices You make your quotes in one click Give your customers instant pricing with the margin calculator and much more ...

How can price variations be explained?

Price variations depend mainly on supply and demand, which is why our company adjusts its prices in real time according to the information we receive from our suppliers.


SoftWheels: highlights

We are the only company on the market that offers price and delivery comparison software that does NOT sell tyres. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the tyre software business.

We are completely independent of all suppliers and are not sponsored by any of them. This ensures transparency and independence.

SoftWheels does NOT profit from orders placed by its customers. SoftWheels earns its revenue ONLY from the rental of its software.

The price displayed for the tyres are those that YOU negotiated with the supplier directly, we do not intervene in this process. We do not take any commission. You are always assured of the lowest price.

It is more useful than ever these days to compare prices and "bargains". Indeed, having only one source of supply makes the customer very (too much by experience) vulnerable and at the mercy of a less aggressive pricing policy. The mere fact that a supplier knows that he is permanently subject to comparison induces a permanent competitive reaction.

SoftWheels has built a whole ecosystem around its tyre database. It is possible to combine our software according to your needs.

This database can be used on the ERP of the garages, so it is easy to create articles and to obtain accurate statistics. Updates of the gross rates are available.

Tyre stocks from garages can be sent to SoftWheels to build up a global stock per garage group or nationally for each tyre.

Since the ordered tyres have a unique code, it is easy to draw a whole series of statistics on tyre purchases/sales. This makes it much easier to know which dealer should be 're-motivated' to sell tyres if necessary.

The importer has a global view of all dealers, the group leader has a view of his group of dealers and each dealer has a view of himself.

SoftWheels has also developed a tyre guarding software. Tyres are tracked as they travel through the garage. Bar-codes facilitate tracking. End customers can use a diary software to make appointments for summer/winter and winter/summer rotations. Intervention times can depend on many factors such as: rim/no rim, ROF or not, diameter etc. The end customer receives a confirmation of his appointment by email and is allowed to change it if necessary.

SoftWheels has of course developed a sales ERP that can be interfaced with the above software.


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