The ANWB and its affiliated clubs tested 50 different tyres. They used the best-selling 255/55R16 tyres. The tyres were divided into three categories.

In the top, we find the Falken ZIEK ZE310 Ecorun which is the best on dry ground. The Continental PreniumContact 6 and the Nokia WetProof are also above average on dry surfaces. In the wet, the Continental PreniumContact won out. As for the Michelin Primary 4+, it offers good wear resistance. In terms of cost, the Kumho is the best if we look at the list price, otherwise the GoodYear is better if we look at the price per kilometre.

In the medium category, we find tyres that all have their shortcomings. Klebber is in 12th place, well behind GoodYear in terms of cost per kilometre. As for Pirelli and Dunlop, they are quite good on dry surfaces. They are good alternatives if you adjust your driving style and speed on wet surfaces. Otherwise, you’re better off choosing Uniroyal or Semperit.

The last category is cheap tyres. They are often below average. We’d like to remind you that it’s better to choose a tyre for its performance, not its price. As they say, safety is priceless.