SoftWheels Light

The SoftWheels Light application lets you search, compare prices and availability, and order tyres in real time from any of your suppliers.

main menu of the SoftWheels Light

A quick comparison tool

Search, compare, buy!

Opening all your suppliers’ websites side by side, managing access, sudden disconnections, etc. will be a thing of the past.

Would you like a short video to explain? Click on the link below.

How are prices calculated?

We display prices calculated on the basis of the negotiations you have undertaken with the suppliers you have chosen. Furthermore, SoftWheels does not receive any remuneration for your orders.

Detailed statistics!


Thanks to the various reports that SoftWheels makes available to you, you will always have immediate access to all the statistics you require. Different levels of statistics are available depending on your function (car dealer, group manager, district manager, etc.).