Everything is easier with a tablet

No need to go back to the office to encode.

Internet or Android

Our tablet applications can be used either from a browser or via an Android application.

3 apps !

From the tablet, you can access three apps.

  1. Inventory
  2. Warehouse
  3. Workshop

Stock management !

The inventory allows you to manage your merchandise stocks (reception, ...). It also allows you to create different inventories and to locate your tyres.

A tidy warehouse !

The warehouse app allows you to make your life easier with your stock management via a scanner.

A well-managed workshop

The workshop app consists of two parts.

  • a tyre fitter part
  • a displayer part

Workshop : tyre fitter part

Learn about the work to be done :

  • Which are the news tyres to fit.
  • Where the tyres are in the warehouse.
  • Encode dimensions, profiles, wear and tear of tyres in the warehouse.
  • Take pictures of damages rims.
  • Record mileage (car-pass).
  • Send message to the office.
  • And much more ...

Workshop : displayer part

Waiting for your vehicle to return without information is a thing of the past. SoftWheels allows you to follow the progress of the work done on your vehicle via a screen placed in the waiting room.