SoftWheels offers you the chance to enhance your work by using a tablet. With a tablet, everything is simpler. You no longer need to walk to the counter and back. Save time and make things easier.

Which applications ?

We offer three applications that can be accessed directly either via a web page or via an Android application.


Inventory enables you to manage your stock easily

main page of the depot application


The depot application lets you manage your tyre depot quickly and easily



The plate application lets you know what's happening in real time



Customer lists all the customers currently with you


Fitters' calendar

The fitters's calendar helps your fitters to know what they have to do today


Inventory lets you do simple everyday things with ease. Add a barcode scanner and everything is just a click away.

Inventory allows you to do many things without having to go to the counter.

  • receive your goods simply by scanning them
  • move freely around your stock to check it
  • similarly, create a new inventory from scratch
  • locate a new tyre as easily as possible


The depot allows you to easily manage your customers’ tyres.

depot example

Managing a deposit has never been easier.

Using the scanner makes your job so much easier.

Create a label for your depot, scan it and the location and that’s it.

Our application then lets you find any tyre in no time.


The workshop consists of two parts. One for the fitters and another for the waiting room.

For fitters

Your fitters will always know what to do without wasting time going back to the counter.

Your fitters will always know what to do at a glance:

  • which new tyres to fit
  • where the tyres are stored
  • enter the dimensions, depths and wear of the
  • tyres to be stored
  • take photos of damaged rims
  • record mileage (car-pass)
  • send a message directly to the counter
  • and much more…

For customers

No more nagging people waiting for their cars

Thanks to the second part of the programme, which can be displayed in a waiting room, you won’t always have to be disturbed at the counter by impatient customers.

SoftWheels lets you track the progress of work carried out on your vehicle in real time.


The client application is a very useful tool for collecting all the useful data about a customer


I know myself

Nobody knows their information better than the customer themselves

The customer application lets you retrieve all the information you need to complete a customer file without having to do anything. All you have to do is hand the customer a tablet or ask them to scan a QR code so that they can complete their own personal file while they wait for their vehicle to be returned.

Fitters’ calendar

The fitters’ calendar is really helpful for your fitters. 


What do I have to do?

Your fitters will always know what they have to do.

The calendar for fitters means they always know when and what they have to do.