Changing tyres is vital to staying safe on the road. After all, tyres are responsible for 50% of a vehicle’s road holding. We therefore strongly advise you to check them every 6 months or 10,000 kilometres.

When it comes to choosing new tyres, there are many factors to consider, including the weather, your vehicle’s performance and your budget. The best way to find your way around and decide which tyres to buy is to start by referring to your vehicle’s logbook, which will tell you which tyres are approved. Your dealer can then advise you on durability, handling and comfort.

We strongly advise you to compare prices before choosing tyres. Prices can vary widely. However, you shouldn’t lose out on quality to ensure the best possible road holding and durability. There are budget brands that cost less. However, these tyres tend to wear out more quickly. So it’s best to choose well-known brands and labels such as Michelin, Pirelli or Uniroyal. They cost more to buy, but in terms of mileage and quality you win.

One final piece of advice is to check your tyre pressure every month. An under-inflated tyre wears out more quickly.

Finally, even if you don’t drive many kilometres and you manage to keep your tyres for several years, don’t forget that they have a life of 6 years. After that, they lose their elasticity, which reduces their road holding and water evacuation.

In conclusion, for your own safety, take care of your tyres and change them in good time.